Employee Benefits

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The most powerful tool you can have is a business partner who shares your commitment to the well being of your employees and their families. With Doxsee Foster & Associates you have the advantage of an experienced partner to design and communicate a benefits program that delivers economic value to meet your business goals and your employee needs.

Strategic vision, vendor support and planning that reflect your financial and corporate values are as important for your benefits program as they are for your business as a whole. We understand the burden of regulation compliance, the challenges of a competitive marketplace for top talent, the expectations from your employees and those you hope to hire and the near relentless struggle to manage rising health care costs.

Our benefit technology platform is designed to fit dealership operations and is the “#1 Dealers Choice” for employee “Dashboard” on-line enrollment and COBRA administration. Doxsee Foster understands your dealership business. We have been serving the retail auto industry since 1980. Our team will help you clearly identify plan options and provide a smooth transition with personal one-on-one employee consultation and implementation support.